This new website has been launched to enable me to get closer to clients, to give them an idea of how I can help with their family history research, and the services I offer, and so that also I can better serve their genealogical needs.

There are many reasons to research your ancestry, but primarily most of us want to feel that we have roots. The reasons for learning about the history of your family may be very personal to you, while some of us are merely curious.Whatever your reasons for researching your family tree,finding out about your ancestors can be an enjoyable and enriching experience, interesting and exciting; a real voyage of discovery.

Each new fact you learn about your ancestors offers new leads to be investigated; names, dates,relationships: photos, stories, and secrets, so varied and confusing that you simply have to delve deeper and deeper into the virtual treasure chest of information.

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from,where they went, or how they got there, and why? Is there a family story that you want to investigate, or a family name passed down through generation after generation? Dates that don't add up, mysteries to be solved.

I can help you find answers to these and many more questions about your family.

Discover your roots now; together we can make it easy!


My vision is to offer the best service possible to my clients. To always strive to exceed customer expectations resulting in their ultimate satisfaction. My mission is to provide the highest possible quality of work at the right price.

My commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in my vision statement.I exist to serve the client in the best possible way for their particular needs and I am very grateful to those clients who have made Shires Genealogy what it is today.


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