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Name: Leslie S. Ellenburg Email: anabetic@aol.com
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Country: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  Date: 15 Feb 2011 04:10:32 GMT

Comment: Shires Genealogy is absolutely the best in the business. It is a very special business. Linda, the owner, is gracious, kind, respectful, and just a wonderful person. She will always go that extra mile to help a client out. You could not ask for any one better to do your family genealogy research! I will only use Shires Genealogy for my family history research.

Name: Ruth Grocott Email: 
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 15 Feb 2011 11:58:42 GMT

Comment: I am cousin to Linda Rhead. I began to research my family some years ago but was having a lot of difficulty, mainly on account of my poor computer skills. One particular problem I had was that most of my ancestors had emigrated to Canada in the 1850s. The day Linda took over from me she found my ancestors within a few hours. Since then she has done an excellent job in putting my family together for me. I have actually spoken on the phone to two relatives in Canada I didn't know I had, and have actually met another one with whom I am constantly in touch. Linda is the person to contact if you need to find your roots. Ruth Grocott

Name: Graham Anthony Newport Email: ganewport@btinternet.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 9 Apr 2011 10:19:03 GMT

Comment: I just want to say that Linda Rhead has done an excellent job on building my family tree. Although it was all done via email, it was as if Linda was there talking to you face to face! I would strongly recommend Linda if you are considering having your family tree done. I am pleased that Linda and I are now good friends. Thanks.

Name: Donna Burtch Email: dowburtch@yahoo.com
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Country: USA  Date: 5 May 2011 02:37:57 GMT

Comment: Shires Genealogy provided the next steps in my family research. I couldn't have gotten very far without the fine help I received. So thorough and professional throughout the process. Am ready to book another assignment with Shires!

Name: Gwen Email: 
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Country: WALES  Date: 3 Jun 2011 19:10:38 GMT

Comment: Linda has done an absolutely fabulous job with the trees of myself and my husband. She found information that other geneaologsits missed. She kept us updated on a regular basis and her work was very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any work on your tree, no matter how impossible you think it is, Linda will find the link for you.

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